Kids PC Time Administrator

Kids PC Time Administrator 6.1

You can set the control and restrict the time of the user for using the PC
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Kids PC Time Administrator is a parental control application which helps you set time limits for children's usage of computer. Programs for kids are designed in such a way that entirely captivate their attention and make them run PC applications over and over again, without any brake if possible. Having one single activity in their spare time (that of sitting in front of the computer), may cause serious troubles on long term, both for their growing body and personality.

Kids PC Time Administrator is created to solve this problem by allowing you to control the time interval of using the computer. As administrator of the program, you can make different or the same configurations for your children's accounts. Thus, you can schedule the period of time for each kid and thus eliminate argues among them about using the PC at the same time. Moreover, taking into account the age of your children and timetable for other activities, you can make settings accordingly.

Except the setup of time intervals for each day of the week, you can also manage other limitations. Thus, you can establish the maximal amount of time one user can benefit of per day. You can also configure session time length to be sure that your kid takes the necessary break to rest. In addition, you can set a weekly limitation according to which your child can't use the computer more then allowed on an entire week.

Your administrator rights are password protected. So, you can be sure that kids don't use the computer more than you think they are supposed to. More than that, you can restrict software installation by other user accounts, access to control panel and Task Manager.

This simple, yet efficient tool, offers you the guarantee that your children will not become computer addicted. Playing outside, interacting with other fellows, having activities as various as possible are essential for kids health and personality formation.

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  • It allows multiusers interfaces
  • It restricts other users' access to computer settings
  • You can set time limits


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